William and Marina’s Marriage Proposal

One of my favorite types of sessions lately would have to be Disneyland proposals! Finding the right spot requires a lot of thinking, such as planning everything without her knowing, choosing the ring, buying the ring, hiring a photographer…there is just so much strategy involved. It seems like Disneyland is one of those very special places where you can go on one knee and pop the question knowing she’ll say yes.

William contacted us to record the moment when she says yes! As we were planning this with him, we had to be prepared to improvise. The original place, The Wishing Well, was being occupied by Disney characters. So we picked this favorite spot of ours, to the side of the castle.

They finally arrived. Then William went down on one knee, and you can totally see Marina’s facial expression. Of course, she said yes!!!! We continued with the session and as we went along, you could see that William could not take his eyes off of her. The way he was staring at her was like “She is mine!!!” 🙂

Eventually they changed outfits into a Tarzan theme outfits and then we went to the Tarzan tree house. One of my favorite photos from this session are from Tree House. We have the honor of photographing their wedding next year. Again, Marina is going to look even more beautiful than during her proposal, and William is going to be staring at her thinking “She is officially mine!!!”

Congratulations to both of you!


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