Shocking secrets to taking stunning photos during your vacation to Disneyland

Ever wonder how to take home amazing vacation photos at Disneyland, but don't have time for the huge learning curve it takes to learn the secrets of taking those photos? In our E-book, "Shocking secrets to taking stunning photos during your vacation to Disneyland", you can now thumb through some of the most difficult situations we've shot, and learn the secrets of how to overcome removing the crowd in the background, or where to take your photos to get the best angle of the attractions. As a bonus, we've included some great information on which editing programs we suggest, and even use, to get the look we achieve with minimal effort on your part.
"As vacation photographers, one of our most popular locations would have to be theme parks. Let me tell you, these are difficult locations to take photos! The large crowds, carrying your equipment, unique shooting angles, and lighting all present unique obstacles that many photographers don’t experience when capturing photographs. Add those obstacles to the standard job of creating amazing images with clients who are connecting, interacting and generally looking like they’re having a great time… overcoming these challenges are what really make a good photographer great..."

What do you learn in this book?

  • The best locations to shoot amazing images
  • How to get photos with no one in the background (without photoshop!)
  • Use light to your advantage for great images
  • The editing programs you can easily use to create impactful photos

Ready to dive in and learn some of the most shockingly simple secrets to taking vacation photos at Disneyland? Get your copy now and be ready to be blown away by how easy it really is.
Shocking secrets to taking stunning photos during your visit to Disneyland Ebook

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