trash-the-dress trash-the-dress trash-the-dress What is “Trash the Dress”?

While some brides wear their wedding gown once and then store it for future generations or donate it to charity, a new trend has brides cheerfully and sometimes creatively “trashing” their wedding dresses. This new concept imposes the idea that after a wedding, the newly wed couple should get back into their dressy wedding attire, have a private outdoor session with a talented photographer (maybe their wedding photographer) and go “all out” to get amazing photos they’d never get on the day of their wedding.

How is it done?

Not all couples decide to literally “trash the dress” with mud or water. Some couples get a little crazy and assume dramatic or intimate roles. Not all “trash the dress” scenarios fully destroy the wedding dress. Some brides opt for a “light-trashing” that can easily be reversed with a trip to the dry cleaners like the much wanted cake fight they wished to have when they cut the cake on their wedding day.

Brides believe this is a liberating and carefree way to relieve the stress that comes along with planning a wedding. “Trash the dress” is a twist on traditional wedding photography that captured the special moments on your special day. Think of anything that you can imagine that represents you and your personality. Now imagine it with your wedding attire on and get these unbelievable, adventurous portraits that you can hang on your wall or share in the form of a book or album.

Take a look at our “Trash the Dress” photos in our portfolio and call us today to schedule your session. Even if you’ve been married for years, this is an opportunity to renew the feeling of getting married and your portraits filled with personality. Together we will get creative and take breathtaking portraits that will make for some exhilarating additions to your wedding album.