portraits portraits portraits Portrait photography captures the expression, emotion and personality of each subject. Although the composition and background of the portrait can be taken into account, the photograph traditionally highlights only the person’s face. When portraits are taken in a studio, the photographer is able to control the softness, composition and direction of the light. This feature often adds a dramatic effect to each portrait. There are many different lighting variations, styles and techniques of portrait photography that can have a powerful impact on the final images. At A&C Photography, our portrait photography services specialize in weddings, engagements, families, children, babies, headshots and maternity portraits.


At A&C Photography, you will benefit from having two photographers with two distinct styles. Although many husband and wife photographers express similar technique and shooting styles, our strength is having our own individual methods and preferences. Adam loves to use the environment in his shots. He typically uses a wide lens and a second dynamic portrait light to capture the surrounding beauty of the location and highlight the client as the focal point. Claudia takes a more traditional approach and uses the natural, available lighting in the environment. Claudia only uses the flash when it will improve the look and quality of the image; to intensify the emotion of each portrait. This technique allows her to capture close-up, intimate moments with lots of attention to detail.

Together, we are able to provide you with picture quality that goes above and beyond anything you have ever had before. Our two distinct styles capture who you really are and give you beautiful portraits with a wide variety of amazing images. Give us a call today so we can learn about your love story and set up a time for you to come have your portraits taken!


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