Images of families

Fundraising with Photography

Fundraising photography is a wonderful way to bring value to families and designated causes. At A&C Photography, we built our business on raising funds for elementary schools across Southern California. We are passionate about giving back to the community and we see no better way to do so than by taking portraits of families.

Adam and Claudia Photography has a new fundraising program that makes it even easier to host a portrait fundraiser event! Schools or organizations benefit by receiving a portion of the session fee paid by the families as well as a percentage of the sales. Families get an affordable family photography session and a complimentary wall portrait. Any additional sales are optional.


We make fundraising easy and profitable!

In the past schools had book all the sessions by hand and had to provide a room for us to use in order to host the event... NOT ANYMORE!

Easy Booking

We open up our online booking system to allow all your members to schedule their own sessions, at the date, time and location of their choice. We provide a list of approved locations they can choose from.

Easy Funding

You benefit from a portion (50%) of the collected session fees as well as a percentage of all sales made within the month of your event.

Easy Delivery

All orders are collected and processed by us. Ordered are shipped directly to the member's provided address, usually WITHIN DAYS of making their order!

A check is mailed out within 14 days following the end of your event.

What's the Process?


  1. Contact us to arrange when your event will be held.
  2. Sign the event agreement
  3. We will send you all the links for people to start booking. Then start promoting! We can send you promotional materials that you can send out electronically or print out to hand to your students.
  4. We will start accepting bookings as people use the online booking system.


  1. We meet with the families and take their photos
  2. We will give everyone a private online gallery to review their images.


  1. We will call each member to take their orders online.
  2. We will process and orders and ship them directly out to each member.
  3. We cut you a check two weeks after the event closes.


Holiday Photo of baby at Christmas Tree Farm

If you have a certain cause you are passionate about, we encourage you to reach out to us and share. We are open and eager to hear about new ideas and good causes. Fundraising photography is a great solution for your organization. It is easy, enjoyable and immensely beneficial for many! Give us a call today and we will discuss your fundraising needs and photography options.