Photo f newborn in parents hands Photo of newborn laying down Photo of mother kissing newborn Expecting is such a wonderful and exciting time. With many things on your mind, it is important not to forget to schedule a photo session with a professional photographer. Newborn photography is the first component of family photography. It is the start to a beautiful album that tells the story of your child’s life. You and eventually your grown child will love and cherish the portraits forever!

When Should I Schedule a Session?

In our professional opinion, it is never too early to book a newborn photography session! We believe the best shots are captured when your new baby is less than two weeks old. With that in mind, we recommend you book a session in advance within a week after your due date! If your baby seems to be running late, just give us a call and we can reschedule accordingly.

How to Prepare

The best photos of your newborn are captured when he or she is asleep. Before the session, be sure to give your new baby a full feeding and keep him or her awake for at least one to two hours. This will ensure that your baby is nice and sleepy for the duration of the photo session. We ask that you dress your little bundle of love in a diaper and a warm blanket. We have headbands and cute props to dress your baby in for the shoot. We also recommend that you come dressed in cool attire as the studio will be VERY warm during the time we take the newborn’s solo portraits.

What to Expect

In the beginning of the shoot, we will take solo shots of your newborn. Newborn safety is our first priority. We have years of experience handling infants and we know how to position them safely and comfortably. Many of the poses you see in newborn photography were accomplished with spotters and manipulated in Photoshop. Before the shoot, we will discuss our plan of action and decide whether you want simple and natural shots or more exotic portraits that would require a spotter. After we have successfully captured your little one, we highly encourage the whole family to take advantage of the opportunity and be photographed with the baby! This includes siblings, grandparents, and parents.

Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! Newborn photography is a special and beautiful form of family photography that will be treasured for years to come. Call us at A&C Photography and we will plan a time to capture the early moments of your newborn’s life.