future mother on the shore posing future mother posing under a pier future parents posing by the beach Congratulations on expecting your new bundle of love! Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. We believe it is important for women and families to document this special time of change. Although some women are self-conscious of their changing bodies, we believe all women should celebrate and commemorate becoming a parent with maternity photography. Not only are these portraits the beginning of family photography, they are a wonderful way to show your baby how excited you are for his or her arrival.

Why It’s Important

By capturing portraits of your body during pregnancy, you are creating tangible, lifelong memories that will help you remember your pregnancy more vividly. Not only will you cherish these portraits, when your children grow older, they will be captivated by the images and delighted to see photos of their pregnant mother.

Family Photography

Maternity photography is also a way for you to bond with your partner. We believe the best images are captured when couples and partners display their intimacy and love for each other in the portraits. Pregnancy is something to be cherished and celebrated! It is a remarkable time for everyone in the family. If you have children already, we recommend you include them in the photo session. Taking photos with your children will give them the opportunity to bond with the new baby and feel like an important member of the family. Some children may feel anxious or unsure about the coming changes. Maternity portraits with your older children are a wonderful way to make the changes seem exciting and fun. You will be so happy with the beautiful photos of your family hugging and kissing your belly.

Toward the end of your pregnancy, reach out and schedule a time to have your maternity portraits taken. This is an exciting and special time and it is very important to document it! Call us at A&C Photography and together we will celebrate your pregnancy!


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