Family walking on the beach Family standing on the beach under pier Family is park at sunset Family photography is beautiful. When you have your family portrait taken, you will forever be able to cherish the beautiful images. Years from today, you will be able to go through your album of family portraits and countless memories will come flying back. Family portraits can show personality and be fun and silly! These beautiful portraits can be a reminder of the love and connection within your family. We recommend that you have your family portraits taken twice a year. One session should feature the whole family and the next session should feature just the kids. In the kids’ session, the kids will be photographed together and then each child will be photographed individually. This gives children the opportunity to let their individual personality shine.

What To Expect

Typically, each family contacts us either by phone or email to schedule an appointment. Once a date has been chosen, we meet at the time and location chosen by you and take your family portraits! We make sure that there is a wide variety of poses captured and this way you will be sure to get that perfect Christmas card photo you were looking for! Many times, the last time parents took pictures together was on their wedding day! In order to solve that problem, we offer parents a mini one on one session together. More times than not, families forget to have their photo taken as a whole. Many grow up and realize the photos they have are just of themselves and their siblings. People today don’t recognize the value of family portraits until it is too late! Family photo albums are coveted memories that will put smiles on your faces for generations. Book a professional photography shoot for you and your family! Embrace the camera and let A&C create lifelong memories. Call us today to discuss the details of your family photography.


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