He finally popped the question! Now it’s time to plan. Engagement photography is one of the most important parts of planning a wedding. Despite popular belief, engagement sessions are not just about getting the perfect photos of you and your special someone for “save the date” cards. Engagement photography is about building a connection and getting comfortable with your wedding photographer. At A&C Photography, our goal is to build a relationship with you and your loved one before your special day.

Engagement sessions are an essential step in the wedding photography process and one that will guarantee breathtaking documentation of your big day. During your engagement session with A&C Photography, you will have the opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera, chat about the wedding and learn what poses and positions work best for you. Wedding photography always appears more authentic and natural when both of you had your photograph professionally taken prior to the wedding day.

Engagement Photography

At A&C Photography, engagement sessions are priced extremely competitively! This is because we truly believe in developing a relationship with our clients prior to their wedding. This will ensure the best quality photos, truly telling your love story on the day of your wedding. At A&C Photography we spend roughly 60 to 90 minutes taking photos of you and your loved one. After the session, we plan a time and date to discuss your favorite photos from the session. During this consultation, you are presented with package options to purchase the engagement photos. We also take this opportunity to discuss your wedding details. For pricing and packages, please review our pricing page.

Embrace Your Interests

Engagement photography is an opportunity to take unique and creative photos that you will cherish for generations. In most cases, engagement photography is the first time a couple takes professional photos together. Our job is to capture the meaning and story behind your relationship and the true essence of the love you share for each other. We strive to capture photographs that embrace your personalities and life together. When it comes to choosing a location, we encourage you to choose a place that has special meaning to your relationship, such as the location of the proposal. Through our extensive experience of photographing the area, if you do not have a location in mind, we have suggestions for beautiful locations around the South Bay beach cities and surrounding areas. As for props, we suggest you bring items that represent your personalities, interests, and relationship. When you bring sentimental props to the photo session, it helps make the photos more personal and meaningful.

Simple looks and simple actions can produce very powerful images. Our long-time experience as photographers allows us to give direction to help couples comfortably pose to make each shot stunning. Contact us at A&C Photography and book your engagement photography session today! Get to know us as photographers and we would love to get to know you as a couple.

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