girls playing girl laying down kids laying down At A&C Photography, we have a passion for capturing timeless portraits. As a husband and wife photography team, our children are our inspiration. Our goal is to capture smiles, laughs and natural interactions between siblings. Whether you wish to have your child’s photograph taken in the studio or on a location of your choice, we will grab their attention and document their true personality. Contact us at A&C Photography and we will find a time to take a snapshot of your little one.
How To Prepare
The best photos are captured when kids are relaxed. We are looking to create a fun experience and produce amazing portraits that will be cherished and passed down for generations. Because we want to capture your children in a natural and playful state, we ask that you not make a big deal about going to have their photograph taken. We also recommend you dress your child in their favorite outfit and bring a few of their favorite toys. This way we are sure to capture authentic, spontaneous and playful moments. Although we require an adult to be present for the entire time the session is in progress, we ask that you disengage. This way we are able to connect with your children and capture their most natural behaviors.
What To Expect
Photography for children is often very tricky. Children can be squirmy, impatient and even cranky! We are not looking to shoot fake smiles. We want to capture happy and authentic emotions. If we chase your children around and try to force smiles out of them, the portraits will appear strained and inauthentic. In order to capture the perfect shot, we ask that you be patient and go with the flow. We usually plan for 60 to 90 minutes to shoot. However, some children are very cooperative and the session can be finished within 30 minutes and some require more time. At A&C Photography, we have experience you can trust. As parents and professional photographers, we know how to capture high-quality, authentic portraits of children. Capturing each milestone in a child’s life is extremely important. Give us a call at A&C Photography and we will take care of all of your children photography needs.