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Your Disneyland trip is coming up and you, of course, want all the things you need ready for your amazing trip! Forgetting something important can end up ruining your day. So here are my top 10 “must have” things you need to take to Disneyland.


1. Get your tickets

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2. Sunscreen

As you know and maybe heard, Anaheim can get pretty hot. You can be stuck standing in line at noon in 104ºF degree weather, especially if you are planning on visiting the park during summer.
I suggest bringing sunscreen to make sure that you don’t ruin your trip getting a severe sunburn on your back, shoulder or face. My most favorite sunscreen I love to use at Disneyland is a stick sunscreen that blocks the sun from your skin. I like to use the stick on my face, and I use the cream on the rest of my body. I have never gotten sunburn using this sunscreen.

3. Camera

Of course, you want to make sure you can record all the memories of your special trip. Bring your camera with you and take as many photos as possible! That must be my favorite part of going on a trip… looking at the pictures from that trip and reliving all of those fun time I had with my family.

4. Phone charger

Many of us have phones with decent cameras, and when you are using your phone as your primary camera for your trip, your battery is going to run out much faster than usual. That’s why I always carry my external phone charger. Yes, you can bring your cable and plug in to an outlet if you want. There are a couple of spots throughout the park where you can do that. But seriously, who wants to sit in a corner for a couple of hours and babysit a phone while you miss out on haveing fun? Carrying an external phone charger makes it super easy to just plug in your phone while you wait in line for a ride or while you eat lunch. My personal favorite phone charger can charge a phone up to 5 or 6 times. All I have to do is make sure I charge it the night before, and I have a  full charger that will charge all the devices our little family brings. I never have to deal with a dead phone!

5. Jacket

Even though it’s mostly warm during the day, it can get quite chilly at night. It’s always nice to have a jacket for those cold nights. Try to avoid heavy jackets. Your backpack can get quite heavy packing jackets for everyone. I love my down jacket. They are super light in weight and warm enough to keep you comfortable. You can roll them up and take up minimal space in a backpack or a locker.

6. Snacks

Everyone knows that food can be quite expensive at Disneyland. I like to bring snacks to keep us away from wanting to eat everything that comes to our eye. Yes, of course, we’ll get churros, popcorn or ice cream. However, when you have kids, you know that you can’t give in to every craving they have or you will end up with some tummy aches. If I’m bringing snacks, I do my best to bring some healthy ones that will not make my girls feel sick, like applesauce, protein bars or even some fruit. When my girls want snacks or a treat from the park, then I limit that to a couple treats only. If you have access to a car, there are some grocery stores around Disneyland.

7. Hand Sanitizer

I think this one is a given. You can easily get a bug at Disney with the number of people that go there. Please, keep your hands clean and clean your kid’s hands regularly. You can either get a hand sanitizer or hand wipes that kill germs.

8. Water Bottle

Unless you like to pay $4 for a bottle of water, bring your water bottle. You can refill your water bottle at drinking fountains placed around the park. Also, in most restaurants within the park, they give out complimentary cups of water in the case you don’t have water with you. Just ask for a standard water to go.

9. Sunglasses/Hats

Again, you want to make sure you are protecting yourself from the sun, especially if you decide to go during the summer months. Even getting sunglasses for your kids is not a bad idea.

10. Coloring books

You know those lines at the park can get pretty long and you want to have some toys or coloring books to entertain your little ones while you wait in line for an hour or two! Believe me, if they are busy doing something, it’s a win-win for everyone.


Bonus Souvenir: Autograph book and Sharpie

If you are planning to go around in the park and meeting characters with your kids, you know your kids will want to have autographs. Get an autograph notebook and a sharpie to have your little ones get all the autographs they want.


I hope you enjoed these tips!

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