Monterey Hyatt Regency Wedding – Aloha & Christian

Yes, we had the honor of being part of Aloha and Christian’s big day, in Monterrey Bay at the Monterrey Hyatt Legacy. We met them during their engagement session at Disneyland. They absolutly love Disneyland. This is what Aloha said before their engagement session:

“My name is Aloha and I am not from Hawaii unfortunately, although I wish I was! My fiance’s name is Christian and we met back in 2005 at math class in college. We have been together for 10 years and have taken numerous trips to Disneyland. We are known to our family as the Disney Couple, due to our love for Disney and our numerous trips just to Disneyland. I would say we make 6-7 trips down from the Bay Area to Anaheim in one year. We are also annual pass holders and have been for the past 4 years. Christian proposed on Oct 17, 2015 (our 10th year anniversary) by the Snow White’s well in Disneyland. We want to take our engagement photos at Disneyland because it is where we had our first “I love you” and where he proposed. I couldn’t think of anywhere else to have our engagement photos done and to share this exciting time in our lives at our happiest place on earth with the person who makes me happiest.”

Of course, as Disney lovers, they had Disney written all over their wedding, like using fast passes as sitting cards, the party favors were Disney attraction theme boxes with some Disney goodies in each box. One of the main attractions of the night was Star Troopers and other Star Wars characters coming in and being part of the party!

There were tears and so much love throughout the entire day. My most favorite moment had to be the bride and groom’s first look.  Right when he turned around to take a look at his bride, he couldn’t contain his tears. It was so touching to see all the love they have for each other as they are both crying. So sweet!

Again, we were so honored to be part of this day! Congratulations Aloha and Christian!



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