Long Beach Porch Portraits – Kris & Miriam

Long Beach Porch Portraits

Long Beach Porch Portrait

We loved capturing these porch portraits for Kris and Miriam. Since the start of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, porch portraits have become the most popular craze in family photography and engagement photography.

These sessions are so quick, fun, and create memories of this historical event that you’ll look back on these and think, “I’m so glad we did those photos!”.

These porch portrait sessions are a great way to observe social distancing and do our part to keep everyone safe while continuing to provide professional photography services to our clients. As SoCal professional family portrait photographers, we love finding new and exciting ways of photographing our clients. These porch portraits are a perfect fit!

Fast, fun and easy… no wonder these porch portrait mini sessions are so popular! When you’re ready for your amazing porch portrait session, let us know where and when, and we will be there!


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