Gina and Brady Disneyland Engagement

We want to introduce Gina and Brady as our next Disneyland Engagement couple. Gina and Brady go way back, all the way back to their middle school days! They are such a cute couple! Here is a little about how they met and how Brady proposed.

“Brady and I went to the same middle school together, but we did not start dating until we were both in college and attending rival state schools (University of Washington and Washington State University). Brady proposed to me on the 4th of July in a hotel room at the Hilton in Bellevue, WA while we were watching the fireworks from the window.”

Some of the locations within Disneyland that Gina and Brady wanted to capture are some of our favorites for couples. They are the perfect set­up for classic, romantic Disneyland pictures. They wanted to go to the castle, Fantasyland, and New Orleans. We loved it!

When Brady and Gina were dating long distance, they would make it a point to take a trip to Disneyland at least once a year. And now that they live in California, going to Disneyland is an easy one day trip.

Their Disneyland Engagement session felt so special and genuine. Every pose seemed unique, like they wanted to make this session all their own. There was so much love and connection between these two. Whether we were taking photos in front of the Cinderella castle, in New Orleans square or even on the Mark Twain boat, these two were so easy to work with because of the connection they’ve shared practically their entire lives.


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