Disneyland Family Session – Loewen Cake Smash

Have your cake and eat it too! Not only did little Brooklyn get to celebrate her birthday at Disneyland as her second visit ever, but she got to have a whole mini cake just to herself. She may not have eaten the whole thing, but she enjoyed it none-the-less. This will be a two-year-olds best memories, recorded forever!

When Brooklyn gets older, she’s going to look back at these images and see that her parents thought the world of her enough to have a cake smash session captured in photos. Honestly, the best gift we as parents can give our children is their childhood. Nothing else compares to the feeling when you can nostalgically look back at your own childhood photos and see that your own life was properly recorded and is forever locked into beautiful portraits.

“After vetoing a plethora of name suggestions, we finally came to a consensus with “Brooklyn”. She is named after our favorite baseball team, the Dodgers (formerly known as the Brooklyn Dodgers). Brooklyn enjoys giving high-fives, working out in the kids gym, playing with puzzles, riding her bike up and down the street and in the park, and reading her rotation of books. She is a natural born helper. With a little bit of prompting, she cleans up after herself before transitioning to the next activity she wants to do.”

Cristina and Chris (mom and dad) plan on displaying these amazing photos around the house to share with friends and family as they visit. Honestly, a photo isn’t complete until it’s printed. Having photos hung around the house means that the Loewen family will enjoy their new portraits everyday.

Thank you, Loewen Family, for inviting us to create these awesome memories for you! And congratulations on your new family portraits and to little Brooklyn on her second birthday cake smash portraits! We hope that you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed recording them.

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