Brittany & Josh Disneyland Engagement Session

This beautiful Disneyland photo session of Josh and Brittany was a success. Congratulations to the both of you! Here’s a little about Josh and Brittany and how they met, how Josh proposed and why they chose Disneyland as their special place for their engagement photos.

“Josh and I met in trigonometry his senior year. I’m definitely a morning person and a very talkative one at that and Josh is a great conversationalist so we became friends quickly throughout the semester. After he graduated we lost contact a little, but a few months later we started talking again, then a few months after that we were an item. After 5 years of being together, on a family trip to Hawaii, we went for a sunset stroll on Sunset beach in Oahu. We started looking around for heart shaped rocks which we called “love rocks” and I was completely taken aback when Josh surprised me with my very own special “love rock”. It was the best surprise of my life and we’re so excited to get married!

We chose Disneyland for our engagement photos because Disneyland is a big part of our life. Every Christmas vacation we join his parents and sister and sometimes his grandparents for a week long trip there and we generally go at least one more time each year. Disneyland really is a magical place, even with its crowded walkways and expensive meals, there’s something about it that feels like a little piece of home when we go there together. Disneyland reminds you of what being a kid was like and that’s something I don’t ever want to lose as Josh and I get older, I’d like to always remember the kids we were when we first started out together.”

Now Josh and Brittany are working on their plans for their wedding in England. How exciting!!!

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