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Why you need an editor website? Editing is an important step when taking photos. Taking pictures doesn’t end when you press the shutter button. It ends when the final image is printed or at least shared in your social network feed.

As you may know, digital cameras take unattractive photos; especially if you shoot RAW format images. The Images usually look flat and muddy. What can you do to fix them? I’m not here to talk about Photoshop or Lightroom. We understand that Photoshop or Lightroom is not for everyone. It can be intimidating for some people to sit down and try to figure out how to use all the tools Photoshop has. Lightroom can be a little easier to use but still, it can be a little too complicated to use for some new users. If Photoshop or Lightroom is your cup of tea, please, go ahead and edit your images there! Honestly, there is no better program to edit your photos than those two.  

Although we use Lightroom and Photoshop to edit of all of our photos, we like to play around with other software and websites, and we have found one that is super user-friendly and fun to use. We are talking about a website that any mom can use to edit photos of their kids without a headache and without wasting too much time trying to figure it out. I’m talking about PicMonkey.


Why PicMonkey?


Raw vs Picmonkey


Why is PicMonkey a really great option for photo editing? My number one reason is that it’s super easy to use!  Comparing Picmonkey to Photoshop or Lightroom, Picmonkey is not overwhelming, confusing or requires a lot of time and effort to learn how to use it. Plus, this online photo editing service won’t take up any storage on your computer.

Another great reason why Picmonkey is such a great choice is that it is web-based. It’s completely done through your web browser so there is nothing to download and install.  You simply upload your photo, click a few editing options, review your final image, and export the image back to your computer as a new file or share it to your social media stream. They even have an app for creating the perfect images on the go. This editor practically does it all. Themes, frames, film effects, retro effects, holiday templates… oh my gosh, there is so much to choose from. The great thing is that it all happens within a few clicks.


Also, if you are into designing cards, announcements, invitations, they offer a wide variety of templates for pretty much any project you may have…from wedding invitations to new baby announcements!  The templates are fully customizable.

Have I mentioned their portrait touch up feature? Some people can be a little self-conscious about skin issues or wrinkles. Picmonkey has a feature for us, women! Picmonkey has a way to fix skin blemishes, smooth out skin, whiten teeth, adding makeup and even losing a few pounds!

Below are a few examples of what you can do with Picmonkey. There is a big difference.

Not bad for a simple photo editing service that’s basically the cost of one cup of coffee a month! No, it’s not a free website, but it is a very low-cost photo editing service. They charge roughly $5 a month for their basic online editing service; which is minimal if you consider how many features you can use for all of your photos! If you want a free trial, go to PicMonkey.  

Hope this tip makes your editing much easier and faster!


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