Adam & Claudia A&C Photography was founded with one idea in mind: to give back to the community in proportion to God’s blessing on our growing business. Over the years, A&C Photography has streamlined its fundraising program, making it simpler and more profitable for sponsoring organizations. Since opening our doors in 2005, we have given back more than tens of thousands of dollars to Southern California elementary schools and community organizations.

Did you know that 83% of family households get holiday portraits taken every year? Most of these families will go to portrait studios in local malls so they can afford holiday portraits. Other families will hire a professional photographer to get the quality they would expect for holiday portraits. Why not get both and benefit your school?

A&C Photography Makes Giving Back Easy

A&C Photography is dedicated to providing professional quality and great service. Our number one goal is to make giving back to the community easy and rewarding. Events can be completely booked online. Take a look at our fundraising process:

1. Easy Booking

Events can be completely booked online. Of course, we welcome your phone calls as well. One of our owners will be happy to assist you with the booking process.

2. Easy Compensation

Schools can get paid 3 different ways!

  • Session Fee: You keep 50% of the paid session fee from each session.
  • Sales Percentage: up to 12% of the net sales from your event.
  • Promotion Bonus: Are you an expert promoter? Earn bonus cash as more members join the event!

3. Easy Delivery

Expect to get your family portraits delivered to the member's residence within a week of making an order. That means a quick turnaround for your families’ holiday cards and gifts!

Portraits are taken in a variety of poses. Within a few days, families can view their images online. Members only purchase the portraits they choose. Those portraits are then corrected to look amazing! Fundraising photography events are simple to run. Just assign one person to help answer any questions families have via email or phone. A&C Photography is dedicated to giving back to the community. There is no need to look any further for a fun and profitable fundraiser for your organization. Reserve your date and schedule your event today!