5 secrets spots to take photos in Disneyland

5 secret spots to take photos in DisneylandWant to know our 5 favorite spots to take photos at Disneyland? We get asked all the time questions about how we get the photos we get at Disneyland. Questions like, how do you get photos with no one in the background? Or where is the place in Disneyland? How do you edit your photos?

So, we have decided to share some secrets on how we get certain photos at a very busy theme park, so next time you take your kids and want to practice your photography skills and get some really cute pictures of your kids, you know where to go. Here we go… Our 5 top spots to take photos at Disneyland!


The Sleeping Beauty Castle


Most people take photos right in front of the castle (front and center). If you do that, you will get a very busy background with a lot of people in the background. The best angle for that…move to the side of the castle. You can take your photos at the benches that are to either side of the castle. You will actually see quite a few people doing that. They sit on the top of the bench and get their photos with a clear background. Also, you can move to the right side of the castle, by the heart bridge. The view is still very nice, a lot of the times the lighting is pretty decent and you get no one in the background. Around sunset time on that side of the castle and you will get beautiful light, beautiful sky and a beautiful and clear background. It’s a win-win! The photo below was taken on the benches. They sat on the bench and have the castle in the background. As you can see the decor of the castle in the photo below, it was during the holidays, so the park was super crowded but still got minimal distraction in this photo.






King Arthur Carrousel

This must be one of my favorite places! Best spot to take photos in front of the carousel? The ride’s exits! Yes! Take your photos by the exit of the ride. Now, if you want to be a pro about it, wait until all the people that are in the ride exit then take your photos right after, before they load the next round of people. Of course, try to avoid the sun, so if one exit has sun, try the other exit of the ride. Please be mindful that people are exiting, so you will have to move if you see people coming out of the ride. And of course, don’t forget to get photos in the ride. You will get the most genuine smiles from kids there. 





Go to the back of the ride and take your photos when all the dumbos are flying in the air.  That’s my favorite! But if the ride is down or if it’s taking a while for the ride to start, don’t wait for the dumbos to fly. You can get beautiful photos even without the dumbos flying in the background. You can also take a few photos with the stationary Dumbo. Going to the back of this ride is my favorite spot because usually it’s not very crowded and most of the time I get some backlight on my subject. Every now and then, they have character viewings there and it can get a little crowded but if you take your photo against the rail, you should be fine. 




Mad Tea Party

There is the stationary teacup. You can take a photo from low angle right through the entrance of the stationary teacup. Also, you can take a photo from the front of the teacup. Go a little lower and that way you can get the really rustic looking mad tea party building that is behind the teacup. Mornings are best there.  Depending on the time of the year, you can either get some beautiful backlight in the morning or you can get mostly shade and very little backlight. It makes for a perfect setting to get some fun shots of your kids. 





Well, you can spend a good amount of time in that little area. It’s a favorite for most kids! So much to do there!  For one, you have the beautiful brown doors next to the Roger Rabbit ride. You have these other blue doors right next to Minnie’s house. Those are very requested places. Also, there is Mickey’s car which I love. My favorite angle on that car is a back shot, getting the license plate that says ‘Mickey’. There, you will find the trolley, which can also be a fun spot to take your photos. There are more fun spots to take photos but the ones I mentioned are my favorite ones. Either morning or afternoon, you will find places with good light to take photos of your little ones there. 




There you have it! Of course, there are about hundred other spots to take photos but I decided to go with the most popular ones. If you want to learn more tips on how to better your photography when you go to theme parks, traveling tips, especially when traveling to Disneyland, or just general photography tips, subscribe to our newsletter! We love to share what we know!


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