Family photo Family walking on the beach Toddler smiling Fundraising photography is a wonderful way to bring value to families and designated causes. At A&C Photography, we built our business on raising funds for elementary schools across Southern California. We are passionate about giving back to the community and we see no better way to do so than by taking portraits of families.

How Is It Done?

In the past we have contacted schools via email and with fax fliers. We then ask a school representative to contact us and book a date and time for their event. Schools benefit by receiving a portion of the session fee paid by the families as well as a percentage of the sales. Families get an affordable family photography session and a complimentary wall portrait. Any additional sales are optional.

When we set up a school fundraising photography event, we bring our entire studio with us to the school’s location. Ahead of time, families sign up for certain allotted time slots. Families come and have their portraits taken during the specified time and they are able to view their portraits right after taking them. They have the choice to purchase additional portraits or just receive the complimentary single portrait. Roughly ten days later, the portraits are delivered to the school along with a check to the designated organization or cause.

If you have a certain cause you are passionate about, we encourage you to reach out to us and share. We are open and eager to hear about new ideas and good causes. Fundraising photography is a great solution for your organization. It is easy, enjoyable and immensely beneficial for many! Give us a call today and we will discuss your fundraising needs and photography options.